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I'm signing up for an Accountant Account
I'm signing up for an Accountant Account

This guide walks you through accountant signup on Taxbotic

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To get started on Taxbotic, signup using the signup page on the Taxbotic Website.

You will need the following information.

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Unique Email Address

  • Company/Firm Name

  • Password (Min 12 characters, at least 1 digit, at least 1 uppercase character, at least one special character)

You will be asked to verify your email. Once verified, log in using your Taxbotic account credentials.

Once logged in, you will end up on the accountant dashboard. From here, complete the initial setup by completing your personal and firm profiles. To do this, start by clicking on the personal profile button at the top of the dashboard KPIs in getting started box.

This is an important step as the information filled here will be visible to your clients.

  • Personal Profile: Start by uploading your profile picture. The firm logo should be uploaded in the next step. Choose the designation and click continue.

  • Firm Profile: Complete the firm profile information. It is important that you fill in these details correctly as they will be visible to your clients. It will help them identify you. The information required to be filed here is as follows.

  1. Firm Name: This will be pre-filled from your signup page. However, you can change the name here.

  2. Email: The email will be pre-filled as well. You cannot change this email. it is the email that identifies you from other customers on the Taxbotic platform.

  3. Logo: Add a logo for the firm.

  4. Firm Website: This will appear in the client portal with your contact details.

  5. Contact Email for Client: If you would like your clients to contact you through a different email than the one you used for the Taxbotic account signup, you can use this box to enter that email. You can enter the same email as the signup email here if there are no other emails.

  6. Address: Enter the firm address and click done.

    The "getting started" box at the top of the Dashboard page will disappear. You are now ready to request client information.

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