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I'm Carrying forwarding Client Tax Returns
I'm Carrying forwarding Client Tax Returns

This guide talks about everything you need to know about the carryforward of client tax returns in your Taxbotic account.

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What does it mean to carry forward a client's tax return?

If you have already worked on a client's tax return for a tax year and need to add the client's return for the next tax year, you can use the carry forward feature of Taxbotic. Carry forwarding return creates a new client return in the next tax year. This is what happens when you carry forward a client return.

  • All the primary returns and the secondary returns get carried forward together.

  • The team working on the client's returns for the previous year will be automatically assigned again for the new tax year.

  • The previous tax year listing status will show a sign like shown in the snip below to signify this return has been carried forward.

Note that you will need to invite the clients for tax information after carryforwards. The clients won't have to sign up on taxbotic again. They can access the invite from their Taxbotic account.

How to Carry forward a client return?

On the client returns listing page, choose the "Carry Forward" option from the dropdown by clicking on the three dots (...) at the end of the client listing you are looking to carry forward. Confirm that you want to carry forward and a new client return listing will be created. You can access it on the client listing page.

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