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Main Accountant Account Vs Team Account
Main Accountant Account Vs Team Account

This guide explains everything about the differences between the main accountant account and the team accounts

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What is the main accountant account?

The main accountant account is the Taxbotic account that you use for the first signup on Taxbotic. This is where all the setup, billing and management of team accounts happen.

What is a team account?

The team account is the taxbotic account that is available for the team members of the main accountant account. The main accountant account can invite as many team members as needed to the taxbotic platform.

We recommend that this is the account that the T1 lead or the admin handling the client workflows uses. Note that day-to-day management of the clients and everything around can be done via team accounts. Here are some of the things that you can only do in the main accountant account.

  1. Set up the firm profile: you can only set up firm profile information in the main accountant account.

  2. Team member management: Everything related to adding/editing a team member, inviting a team member, viewing team members, assigning client returns to a team member, updating team status (active vs inactive) and billing management for the team can only be handled through the main accountant account.

  3. Billing management: The billing for your Taxbotic account can only be handled via the main accountant account. This includes managing ongoing subscriptions, team billing and taxbotic add-on billings. The team accounts cannot see the billing module on their end.

  4. Information visibility: The main accountant can see and access information about all the clients and team accounts. On the other hand, the team accounts can only view information for the clients that they are collaborating on with the team.

    In addition to the above, the dashboard KPIs are also restricted for team accounts. Team accounts can only see stats for the clients that they are collaborating on with the team.

Note that team accounts can add new client returns independent of the main accountant account. However, to assign additional team accounts to the client returns, the main accountant account needs to be involved.

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