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Active Vs Inactive Team Member
Active Vs Inactive Team Member

This guide explains active vs inactive team account difference.

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You will notice the account status column on the team account listing. This status can be active or inactive.

Here are some things you should know about inactive team accounts.

  • The inactive team accounts cannot access their taxbotic account.

  • The inactive team accounts cannot be assigned new client returns.

  • The billing for inactive team accounts is always active and you will still be charged for them. To stop their subscription, you will need to delete the team members.

How to change the team account status?

On the team accounts listing page, choose the "Edit" option from the dropdown by clicking on the three dots (...) at the end of the team listing you are looking to make active/inactive.

In the "Edit Team Member" pop-up, change the status to Active or Inactive and click "Done".

What is the purpose of Active vs Inactive Status?

If you have team members that are on the team but temporarily off from work, you can change their status to inactive to restrict access.

For larger organizations, this is important if a file moves between various team members at different stages of the T1 workflow.

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