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I'm viewing the client's Submitted Information
I'm viewing the client's Submitted Information

This guide talks about how to view client submission in your Taxbotic Account.

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When the client submits their tax information, you will receive an email and an in-app notification letting you know about it. You can click on the notification itself to get the client information or you can use one of the following options for that.

On the client returns listing page, click on the client name or choose the "Open" option from the dropdown by clicking on the three dots (...).

In the Client window, you can view all the information submitted by the client. Choose the tax year and client name (If family returns are applicable) from the top before starting.

You can view the following information in different sections on the client submission window.

  • Profile Information - Personal details, residency information, family information and other information. These include all the necessary information that you are required to fill on a client's info section of the T1 forms. Here is a sample submission.

  • Tax Summary: In this section, all information about your client's tax situation will be shown separated by income type. You can switch between the questionnaire and documents section by selecting the state at the top.

Documents Section

The documents uploaded by clients can be accessed in the documents section in the client window.

Clients can share information as follows.

  • Clients can upload the documents requested. Once received, you can view or download the documents.

  • Clients can also leave their comments on the documents uploaded. The snip below shows an example of a comment added by the client. The client comments are visible right under the document uploaded.

  • Clients can sometimes not upload any documents. Taxbotic requires them to share a reason for why they did not upload a requested document. They can choose from one of the following reasons.

    • Cannot find this document

    • To be uploaded later

    • Not sure where to get this document from

    • To be dropped off later

    • To be mailed to the accountant's office

    • Already uploaded with other documents

    Here is an example of the above document upload types.

All documents can also be downloaded in one zip file by clicking on the "Download all documents in a Zip" button.

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