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This guide walks you through Taxbotic's messaging functionality.

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Taxbotic's messaging functionality is built to help you communicate directly with your clients without the use of emails. We understand that it is difficult to navigate emails during the height of tax season. Furthermore, having client documents in random emails increases the chances of missing something important.

Taxbotic's messaging function doesn't purport to be an instant chat function. It is rather a faster alternative to direct emails with clients.

Things you should know

  • If the client status is assigned or requested, the messaging function is not available at that point. This is because the client has not signed up for their client portal and hence you cannot access the messaging feature.

  • The messaging feature is only available via the primary client accounts i.e. the family returns do not get their separate messaging windows. This is because the family returns do not have their separate client portal. Since the primary client is handling the tax filing communications with you, there is no need for separate message windows.

Here is how messaging window looks for primary clients' returns. There is a message tab active in the left panel. In addition, you can see a star by the client's name signifying a primary client.

Here is how messaging window looks for family returns. There is no message tab visible in the left panel.

  • The messaging tab window also shows people on the chat. This includes all team members collaborating on the chat and the client. You can view them by clicking on the strip in the top right corner.

  • You and your clients can upload documents directly into the messaging window if something is missed in the initial uploads. The uploads can be initiated from

    • Dropbox

    • Google Drive

    • From Computer

How do you access messaging in your Taxbotic account?

  1. Open the client window to whom you want to message.

  2. Select the primary client return at the top.

  3. From the left panel, select the message tab to access the messaging.

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