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I'm finalizing Client Tax Returns
I'm finalizing Client Tax Returns

This guide talks about how to finalize client tax returns.

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The client tax returns can be finalized when you have received information submissions from clients. If the status of the returns is still in the "requested" or "Assigned" state, you cannot finalize the returns.

On the client returns listing page, click on the client name or choose the "Open" option from the dropdown by clicking on the three dots (...).

In the Client window, you can view all the information submitted by the client. Choose the tax year and client name (If family returns are applicable) from the top for the returns that you are looking to finalize.

You will notice the "Finalize" tab is active in the left panel. This will happen if the return is not in the "requested" or "Assigned" state.

In the Finalize return window, fill out the following details and upload the documents requested as follows.

  • Taxable Income - Enter the taxable income for the client in this box.

  • Tax Payable - Enter the tax payable for the client in this box if applicable.

  • Refund Receivable - Enter the refund receivable for the client in this box if applicable.

The information is not mandatory to be filed. However, this information will be visible on the client side. It is advisable to fill in this information to avoid any unwanted confusion for the clients.

Next, upload the client documents as follows.

  • Tax Return - Upload the completed tax return for the clients. This is a mandatory document to upload if you would like to finalize the returns.

  • E-filing Confirmation - Upload the e-filing confirmation here.

  • Enclosure Letter - Upload the T1 enclosure letter here if you have any.

Once done, click on "Mark as complete and send final tax information to client". The return status will change from " In progress" to "Completed"

If you would like to send updated information later, you can use the same window to send the updated information and documents. The stamps at the bottom of the screen will show important dates as follows.

The information sent will reside in the client portal. Your clients can view them whenever they want and won't have to reach out to you for them.

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