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Document Uploads on Taxbotic
Document Uploads on Taxbotic

This guide talks about everything you need to know about uploading documents to your Taxbotic account.

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Once you have filled out the questionnaire, Taxbotic will automatically curate a list of documents separated by income type to upload for you. You can access this list in the documents section of the workflow.

Here are some things you need to know

  • Each document has a separate box as shown in the snip below.

    Clicking on the "What is this?" link opens a pop-up that explains additional details about the document requested and how to obtain it.

  • Each income type has an optional document upload box at the end. You can use this box to upload information that is not specifically requested.

  • Some document upload boxes have one or the other document upload options. You only have to upload one document. The snip below shows a document request for a self-employed business for a client. In this case, the client can upload either sales invoices/bank statements and expense receipts/bills or the client can upload a spreadsheet showing all this information.

    If you don't have a spreadsheet template to use, you can download the template by clicking on the "Use this Spreadsheet" link. Taxbotic provides in-built templates for all areas where detailed information may need to be provided to the accountants. Some of the templates include - Home office expenses, moving expenses, rental expenses, self-employed income, medical expenses etc.

  • When a document is uploaded, the upload box is highlighted green along with a document-added stamp. This is to help you separate out what is left to be completed. The snip below shows this.

  • The maximum size of the document that you can upload is 10MB.

  • PDF, JPG, PNG and XLS formats are supported.

Upload Pop-up

When you click on upload, the document upload pop-up opens. The documents here can be uploaded from

  • From Computer

  • Google Drive

  • From Phone via email - You send yourself an email and open a link on your phone browser. The documents can be uploaded directly from there and it gets added to the specific box.

You can also add comments in addition to the document uploads. This can be done by clicking on the "+add comments" button.

All boxes except for the optional document upload boxes require an upload or a response. we understand that in many cases you may not have a document to upload. In such cases, you can click on the "Can't upload this document" link and provide a response from one of the following options.

  • Cannot find this document

  • To be uploaded later

  • Not sure where to get this document from

  • To be dropped off later

  • To be mailed to the accountant's office

  • Already uploaded with other documents

Here is where the "Can't upload this document" link is located on the upload pop-up.

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