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I'm viewing my completed tax returns
I'm viewing my completed tax returns

This guide talks about how to view completed returns in your Taxbotic account.

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The completed tax returns can be viewed in your client portal. You can access the final tax info window via the dashboard or the left panel to view them.

Method #1 - From the client dashboard, click on the "View completed returns" link in the middle of the screen.

Method #2 - Click on the final tax info icon from the left panel.

Select the tax year and client name from the top in the final tax information window. If information is submitted by the accountant, it will be visible to you. You can visit this window when you need your tax documents for any purpose. You don't have to email your accountant for it.

You can view the following information here.

  • Taxable Income - This is the total taxable income for the year.

  • Tax Payable - This is the tax payable for the year if any.

  • Refund Receivable - This is the refund receivable for the year if any.

The information may not be up to date. It is filled by the accountants and if they do not update it, it may be outdated.

  • Tax Return - The completed tax return will be available to download here.

  • E-filing Confirmation - The e-filing confirmation will be available to download here.

  • Enclosure Letter - The T1 enclosure letter will be available to download here.

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