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I'm adding a team subscription
I'm adding a team subscription

This guide talks about everything you need to know about team subscriptions.

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You need an active subscription to add a team member (not possible in a free trial). If you have an active subscription, then you also need to subscribe to the team add-on. Here are the steps to add a team member.

  1. In your primary accountant account, click on the (+) icon from the top right corner. Select "Invite team" from the dropdown.

  2. In the "Invite a team member" pop-up, enter the following details for the team member.

    • First Name

    • Last Name

    • Unique Email Address

    • Select Designation

  3. Next, click on "Send Invite" to send an invite to the team member.

We will show how many team account subscriptions you have under the send invite button. If you do not have enough subscriptions, we will share a link to subscribe to a new team account. The snip below shows this.

4. Click on the "click here" link as shown above. You will be directed to the billing pop-up screen.

5. In the Taxbotic Premium pop-up, the first box will show the name, email address and the subscription cost of the team member you are subscribing to.

6. Next, select the billing cycle. Note that the subscriptions auto-renews at the end of the billing cycle.

7. Review the amount payable in the summary section. When you subscribe to a team account, we match it with the main account subscription cycle. Hence, if you are subscribing in the middle of a cycle, you will be credited for the prorated month. In the above snip, credits for days are given.

8. Click on "Submit". If you have a one-click purchase setup, your team member will be sent an invite right away. If not, you will be directed to the checkout page through stripe. Enter your details and click pay. You will be directed back to Taxbotic. That's all! The team member is now invited and you are subscribed to the team member subscription.

Things you should know

  • The subscription for a team account remains active until you cancel it by deleting the team member. From the next billing cycle, you won't be charged for it.

  • If you delete a team member and add another team member before the billing cycle ends, the billing cycle will auto-renew.

  • The team billing cycle runs on the same cycle as the main account billing cycle.

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