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I'm starting a new Taxbotic Subscription
I'm starting a new Taxbotic Subscription

This guide talks about everything you need to know about Taxbotic Subscriptions.

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Before you subscribe, you get 14 days of free trial. While you can wait for the trial to end and then start a subscription, you will be required to buy a subscription if you want to add team members. Here is how you can start Taxbotic subscription.

From the left panel, go to the billing tab. In the billing tab, click on "Subscribe".

The Taxbotic Premium pop-up will appear. The first box will show the accounts you are subscribing for. Since you will not have added any team member by now, you will only see the admin account listed.

Next select the billing cycle. Note that the subscriptions auto renews at the end of the billing cycle. Review the amount payable in the summary section and click on "subscribe". You will be directed to the checkout page through stripe. Enter your details and click pay. You will be directed back to Taxbotic. That's all! You are now subscribed.

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