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I'm adding tax return add-ons.
I'm adding tax return add-ons.

This guide talks about everything you need to know about tax return add-ons.

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What are tax return add-ons?

Tax return add-ons are licences to send client return invites for information requests. You need to buy tax return add-ons before sending an invite. Tax return add-on costs $5/T1.

The tax return add-ons are non-refundable and can be used for any tax year.

Steps to add tax return add-ons on Taxbotic

  1. The tax return add-ons can only be added via the primary accountant account. So, log into your main account and click on the billing icon from the left panel.

  2. On the billing page, click on "+ add" under the additional tax return.

  3. In the Taxbotic Add-Ons pop-up, choose the number of tax returns add-ons you would like to purchase. You can purchase up to 100 returns at one time.

  4. Review the summary section. The taxes will be noted on the checkout page. Click on "Purchase". That's all! Your tax return add-on balance will be updated.

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