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Document permissions functionality
Document permissions functionality

Things to know

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All Pros should note that any documents uploaded by either a Pro or a client will ultimately belong to the client and remain on their account.  Taxfyle clients have the ability to remove a document from a job or restrict their Pro from versioning or editing over it (regardless of who initially uploaded the document). When access has been limited, this will be apparent by the "Read Only" symbol next to the document name on the right side panel (document must be selected for right side panel to appear). Some things to keep in mind when working with documents:

Versions tab

While on the files tab of a document, you should see an "Upload New Version" button which can be used to version over the selected document. In the event that you do not see this button, it is likely because the client actively removed your ability to edit this document (i.e. Read Only). In order for your access to be reinstated, you will have to ask the client to reinstate your access. You may use the following as reference:

"Looks like my access may be limited for this document. Not sure if this was done on purpose, but if you could please select the document on your end and edit the Access tab from 'Just me' to 'Everyone'? Once thats done, I should be able to version over it and/or edit the file name as necessary. Thanks!"

Also, should you ever notice a yellow highlight within the 'Files' tab, please note this means you are currently looking at an outdated version of the document. Select the document drop down within this tab to pick the most recent version.

Info tab

Assuming the client hasn't limited you to "Read Only" on a document, you should be able to change the Name, description, and tags for any document by editing the respective fields within the Info tab. If the fields are greyed out, please reference the suggested language above to ask the client if they can remove the "Read Only" limitations. 

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