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Is my Pro account set up to pick up opportunities?
Is my Pro account set up to pick up opportunities?

Let's verify what workspace you're in...

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First, ensure that the notification isn't from the Onboarding workspace, as this workspace is only for potential Pros who are submitting applications.

Next, you'll want to verify that your roles and permissions all appear to be in order. That means you have to be officially onboarded and your Skills are updated. 

Note: The New Pro skill allows you to pick up all the basic business and personal return jobs that become available. As you pick up more jobs, your scope of opportunities will increase as well. And we have miscellaneous skills attached to a Pro's profile for more niche deliverables that aren't encompassed in the New Pro skill.

Please contact Taxfyle Support to confirm that your skills are up to date so you're eligible to pick up opportunities. If all your Skills are in order, then it's possible that the job opportunity that was seen was already picked up by another Pro.

We encourage you to continually check for opportunities as job volume is at it's highest during tax season and deadline weeks. We’ve found that the best way for Pros to pick up work is by leaving the Opportunities section open on a separate tab as the portal gets updated in real-time. Usually, around noon ET and the evenings are when jobs are more abundant on the platform. Also, ensuring that you have desktop notifications enabled helps to receive up to date alerts for when new jobs are available for pickup (see How to Enable Desktop Notifications).

There are a lot of Pros currently active on the platform looking to acquire new opportunities. That being said, we recommend staying as active as possible, enabling all notifications in the web app, and downloading the mobile Worklayer app to pick up opportunities on the go.

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