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How can I start working with Taxfyle?
How can I start working with Taxfyle?

What you need to do

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To begin working with Taxfyle, be sure to complete the following:

1. Create an account by clicking "APPLY HERE" within the Taxfyle apply page. You will be prompted to create an email username or create an account with Facebook or LinkedIn. Note the manner in which you are creating your account (whether through email or Facebook/LinkedIn) as this will be the account to which dashboard access will be granted once approval has been supplied by the Taxfyle team. If you create more than one account, please be sure to notify the Taxfyle team through the help chat so they may grant access to the proper profile. 

2. Complete the onboarding questionnaire and provide proof of the documentation requested at the end of your oboarding. Please refer to our "Registering with Taxfyle" article for additional detail on the necessary certifications and documentation. 

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