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How do I pick up jobs?

Accepting opportunities within the Taxfyle platform

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Professionals must complete their registration with Taxfyle in order to gain access to the Taxfyle Fyler Portal and begin accepting opportunities. Clients will submit jobs from the Taxfyle mobile app on their iOS, android device, or via the web portal. After clients submit a job, details of their required deliverables, as well as the fee you may collect for completing the engagement, will be routed to the opportunities section of the dashboard. If you feel comfortable accepting a job given the earning potential and forms required, you may select it from the Opportunities dashboard by simply clicking the accept button. There is no obligation to pick up any job you don't feel comfortable completing. 

Please note, once you have accepted a job, you're responsible for completing the engagement. If for any reason you choose to have the job transferred and forfeit the earnings, you may select the "Forfeit" button within the Actions section of the job. Best practice is to leave a message for your client indicating why you can not complete the job. 

There is currently no mobile notification system, however, you can enable notifications through Google Chrome and will receive email notifications whenever you are logged off of the platform. The expectation is that you will reach out to your client as soon as you pick up a job.  We are known for quick and efficient service.

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