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When is it appropriate to close a job?
When is it appropriate to close a job?

Closing jobs - When to close a job - How to close a job - Requirements to close a job

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You are required to follow the points below before closing a job to ensure your client has all the necessary information and documentation needed to mark their engagement complete:

  1. You must upload a final, signed copy of the client's tax return.

  2. An executed e-file authorization must be uploaded to the documents section.

  3. An e-file confirmation page/proof of mailing receipt must be uploaded in the documents section.

  4. You must tell your client that you will be closing the engagement and they will no longer be able to communicate with you.  Inform your client that if it's necessary for them to contact you again, they must reach out through the Taxfyle help chat for a member of the Taxfyle team to reconnect you.

  • Note:  If you close the engagement you will not be able to upload the documents, so it is not okay to close the job and come back later.

Once you've uploaded all the necessary documents and informed your client the engagement has been completed, you may close it out and accept a new opportunity. 

IMPORTANT: Please make sure you do not close out a job prematurely simply due to the client's unresponsiveness. Jobs that are closed within the dashboard are queued for payout. If you did not complete a job and receive payment, you will owe Taxfyle for the funds improperly transferred to your account.  

Failure to follow these steps may result in your job limit being reduced or suspension of your access privileges.

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