How can I delete documents?

Deleting documents

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Any document submitted within the Taxfyle platform cannot be deleted. In the event you accidentally uploaded a photo or document, simply inform your client of the improper upload and it may be ignored as necessary. Delete functionality is not supported within the platform as communications and uploads are maintained as a transcript for engagements. Should you need to review your interactions at a later date, Taxfyle provides the benefit of an unaltered transcript. If you believe it's vital a document be deleted, you may reach out within the help chat and a member of the Taxfyle Pro Success team may delete as necessary.

IMPORTANT: You are alone responsible for ensuring all documents in your possession are handled with care. Stay attentive when uploading documents to a specific client folder. Ensure you're uploading specific tax documents to the correct client. Documents can not be deleted without the Taxfyle Pro Success team authorization. 

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