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Can I remove unresponsive clients?
Can I remove unresponsive clients?

My client isn't responding/replying

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Unresponsive clients can be a pain when they clog up your job limit. If your client has been unresponsive for an unreasonable amount of time and you would like to remove that job from your list, please reach out through the help chat and a member of  the Taxfyle Pro Success team may have the job transferred to an available Tax Pro. Please note that in doing so, you will be forfeiting the fees you were looking to collect for this job. If the Client becomes available and is responsive, Taxfyle may reach out to you if you'd like continue the engagement.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure you do not close out a job prematurely simply due to the clients unresponsiveness. Jobs which are closed within the dashboard are queued for payout. If you did not complete a job and receive payout, you will owe Taxfyle for the funds improperly transferred to your account.

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