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What happens to my payment if the client is refunded?
What happens to my payment if the client is refunded?

Client refunds

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Client refunds are expected to occur in the ordinary course of business. In events where you encounter a client that has requested a refund, the Taxfyle team will do their best to ensure you receive payment for the services performed, however, the ultimate amount you can expect to collect depends on the stage of the job and the quality of work you performed. Please note that your communication with the client is considered when determining the quality of work performed.

As noted within our cancellation policy:

Clients may cancel their work request at any time, however, their entitlement to a refund is dependent on the timing of their cancellation request.

  1. If the cancellation request is submitted after you have commenced work but prior to providing the client with tax documents for review, the client is entitled to a 50% refund and you may expect to collect half of the amount presented as earning potential for the job. 

  2. If the client believes the work is performed is unsatisfactory, incorrect, or otherwise lacking, and submits a cancellation request after tax documents have been provided for review and signature, Taxfyle will review the work performed and determine proper resolution. If Taxfyle finds that the work performed is, in fact, unsatisfactory, incorrect, or lacking customer care, the client is entitled to have the job re-performed by an alternative CPA and no payment will be provided for the job. If Taxfyle finds that the documents provided appear satisfactory, correct, and complete, services will be deemed complete and you will remain entitled to payment for the full amount of services performed. 

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