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Haven't received job opportunity email notifications?
Haven't received job opportunity email notifications?

Job opportunity notifications

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If you've received email/push notifications for available job opportunities but found nothing available when you logged onto the Pro Portal this means the job was already picked up by another Pro. Because job acquisition is based on a first come, first serve basis it's really dependent on being alert and attentive on the Opportunities page since you're in competition with a bevy of other Pros in our network. 

We've been getting a healthy influx of job opportunities submitted daily through the platform since tax season started. For the most proven way to pick up work, we recommend:

  • Leaving the Opportunities section open on one of your tabs (as it gets updated in real time)

  • Enabling desktop notifications for your browser to receive up-to-date alerts of new job postings (Google Chrome , Firefox , Safari)

  • Downloading our Worklayer mobile app to get notifications and pick up opportunities on the go (look up Worklayer in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to download)

Follow these best practices and you'll start picking up job opportunities in no time! For any additional questions, concerns, or feedback, reach out to Taxfyle Support.  

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