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Prohibited Conduct
What is considered prohibited conduct?
What is considered prohibited conduct?

Conduct never allowed while working with Taxfyle

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It's Taxfyle's obligation to preserve the integrity of the platform we've provided our customers and Pros. Our team is devoted to fostering a safe and transparent environment to be shared during tax season. It's our duty to protect our customers in the event there is foul play. Suspected foul play on behalf of Pros is not accepted.  

Taxfyle will not tolerate Pros suspected of soliciting Taxfyle customers for services not communicated with the Taxfyle Pro Success team. If you find the client may require additional services not indicated within the current job specifications, you may reach out through the Taxfyle help chat and a member of the Pro Success Team will contact the client and adjust fees and job details accordingly. 

False Pretense:
In no circumstance, is it acceptable to accept an opportunity and allow another individual to prepare returns and communicate with clients under the guise of your profile. We understand some Pros within the platform own their own firms and may have associates engaged to prepare the returns; However, as the Pro registered with Taxfyle, you will ultimately be the party held responsible for communication.

External Communication:
It’s mandatory for all communication between customer and Pro to be held within the Taxfyle messenger tool as this allows a transcript to remain available for future reference. If at any time a customer requests to speak to you outside of the app, please decline respectfully.

Mishandling Information:
Pros are expected to handle all information transmitted through the Taxfyle platform with the utmost due care. Any inappropriate actions or mishandling of customer information will not be tolerated under any circumstance.

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