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Is there an experience requirement?
Is there an experience requirement?

Only need to maintain the proper credentials

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While there is no experience requirement for a Pro to gain access to the Fyler Portal, a word of caution goes to those with limited knowledge of the standard procedures for engagements in which you accept. As a Pro, you're bound to the ethical and professional conduct requirements established by the profession. If you feel uncertain as to your abilities to accomplish a particular engagement given the details provided on the opportunity, we suggest you don't accept it as your own. Please note, as a Pro accepting an engagement, you're accepting sole responsibility for the completion of that engagement. If you feel you're unable to complete the work and need to have a job transferred, please reach out through the Taxfyle help chat and a member of Taxfyle Pro Success team will have the job transferred to a Pro more suited for the engagement. 

Note: Every engagement will impact your rating and reputation. By accepting opportunities which may be more complex for your skill set, you are exposing yourself to poor ratings in the event you provide a less than quality service.

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