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Reference these best practices to set yourself (and your clients) up for success at Taxfyle!

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  1. As soon as you pick up a job, it's recommended to send the client an introductory message to break the ice. Something along the lines of "Hey, I'm ___ a CPA/EA based out of (state) and I'll be working on your taxes. When you're ready, please upload your documents including a photo ID and your prior-year tax return to get started." A simple ice breaker like this will go a long way in retaining your clients and ensuring a positive experience.

  2. Ensure that you review all uploaded information/documentation provided by the client as well as their responses to the Taxfyle intake form (via Details).

  3. Please be sure that you meet the client's requested deadline provided on the job page. If a client requests to extend their deadline, let us know and we can change it on the backend.

  4. Attempt to set a time schedule in which you and the client may be available to communicate on a back and forth basis.

  5. Keep all communication with your clients within the job chat for audit log purposes.

  6. Make sure the client is aware of any pricing changes for additional service requirements prior to having their job updated as this could lead to a negative experience.

  7. If a client's job is nearing the extension deadline and they've become unresponsive, file an extension on their behalf to avoid penalties.

  8. Before closing out jobs, summarize the next steps so the client is prepared for any post filing situation (upload e-file acceptance/final copy of return, how to make payments owed, check refund status, etc).

  9. Inform clients they can contact Taxfyle Support if they need their job reopened for any reason before closing them out.

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