If your client's return has been prepared and is ready for filing, but the client has not responded or signed off the return of the e-file authorization, please include the following final message:

"I've gone ahead and prepared a version of your return that you can use to file by mail. I've included specific filing instructions for your reference. If you'd like for me to e-file your return for you, just reach out to Taxfyle Support via the help chat and they'll reopen your job for you so that I can e-file for you. It's been a pleasure working with you and I hope to be working with you again next year!"

Feel free to copy and paste the message above.

After sending the above message, upload the final version of the return along with the filing instructions and proceed to close out the job. If the customer returns and would like to e-file, you will need to e-file their return for them.

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