If you've been asked to complete a video interview, you can do this on your iPhone or iPad, as long as you have iOS version 12 or above. 

To find out what version you have, follow these steps: 

1. Click on the 'Settings' icon from your iPhone or iPad's home screen. 

2. In 'Settings', scroll down to 'General.'

2. In 'General', click on 'About.' 

3. And you will see the 'Software Version' listed.

If you have version 11 or earlier installed, you will need to update your iOS to version 12, or if you can version 13.

Once you have version 12 or above installed, you will be able to complete your interview in the Safari browser. This is the default web browser. 

- - - - Important - - - -

Before you can complete your interview using Safari, you need to ensure you have the 'MediaRecorder' feature enabled.  Here's how to make sure this is enabled: 

1. Click on the 'Settings' icon from your iPhone or iPad's home screen. 

2. Scroll down until you find 'Safari', then click on it

3. Now scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on 'Advanced.'

4. Again, scroll down to the bottom of the page and now click on 'Experimental Features'.

5. Finally, scroll down about halfway until you see 'MediaRecorder'. Make sure this is selected, and the switch is 'Green'

Now you're ready to start your video interview. Either click on the link or copy and paste the link into a new Safari web browser tab. You may be logged in automatically, or you may need to create an account and log in.

You will then see the setup screen. When asked, be sure to allow access to your Microphone and Camera. You can then record a test video to make sure you can be seen and heard clearly.

When doing your video interview, you need to hold your iPhone or iPad in landscape. If when you do your test recording, you're upside down in the playback, turn your iPhone or iPad around through 180 degrees. The camera should be on the right and the charging port on the left to record your video correctly. 

Now click continue, and you will be able to take a picture for your profile. You can take as many as you want until you're happy with the image.

That's you all set up and ready to start your video interview.


As MediaRecorder is an Experimental Feature it can occasionally cause the interview to freeze. If this happens to you, reload the page and you should be able to continue with your interview.


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