In the 'Connecting your microphone' panel you will see an icon for each of the microphones you have attached to your computer, click on the microphone you want to use, mouse over the icons to see the full name of the microphone. 

If after you've spoken in your normal voice you still have the 'We're not detecting any sound from this microphone. Please speak up, or select another microphone' error message it may be that your microphone gain needs adjusting.

Adjusting your microphone

1. Click the Start button, type mmsys.cpl in the Start Search box, and then press ENTER.

2. In the Sound dialog box, click the Recording tab.

3. Click Microphone, and then click Properties.

4. Note Make sure that Working appears under Microphone. If Working does not appear, click Microphone, and then click Set Default.

5. In the Microphone Properties dialog box, click the Custom tab.

6. Select or clear the Microphone Boost check box.

7. Click the Levels tab.

8. Adjust the volume slider to the level that you want, and then click OK.

9. Click OK to close the Sound dialog box.

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