To add a group to your Teach Your Monster Account, follow these steps:

1. Sign in to your account

2. Scroll down to the Groups section and click "Add Group"

3. Name your group, and tick any existing players you would like to add to it

4. Your group will be created! You will then be able to see it on your dashboard.

When adding new players, you'll also be given the option to directly add them to a group

Having trouble? Watch our detailed video guide:

On Teach Your Monster hub site

When you first sign up as a teacher you will go the option to create a group.

Or, if you already have an account, you can create a group by scrolling to the bottom of the 'players & groups' tab and selecting 'add group'.

You will then be asked to add a name to the group

After this you can add players

Create multiple players at once

This will allow you to upload a list of players and bulk create them all at once.

Add existing players

This will allow you to select any of the players you have that aren't already in a group and add them.

Create players one by one

You can quickly add players one by one here

You will then be taken to the share screen - here you can download parent letters or password cards. You must click 'complete group set up' to finish making your group.

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