Ever wanted to add more information to the thumbs up/ thumbs down behavior records?

Now TeacherKit helps teachers to record positive and negative behavior types (Homework on time, Participation, Fight, etc...).

After adding a class and students inside of it, open your class and navigate to "Behavior" tab.

From Behavior view, you can start recording behavior for your students in any time.

Recording a behavior incident is so easy, just tap on any student photo, and you will have 3 buttons

  1. Add positive incident

  2. View all the behavior list

  3. Add negative incident


Select one of the behavior types and add a description (optional), and the date is set by default to the date and time of adding the incident.


The same as adding a positive except for having a different list for the negative incidents.

All the incidents you added for your student will be displayed here and sorted descending by date.

There is a counter badge on each student to count the positive and negative incidents:

TeacherKit is installed with a set of presets for both positive and negative behavior types.

You will be able to tailor these types from the settings to make them look the way you always wanted.


  • Here is how to configure your own behavior types.

  • You can check the behavior records for each student personally from the Student Card.

  • You can also generate report for each student personally with her/his behavior.

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