Whether you’re following a point-based or percentage grading system, you can always configure your gradebook the way that suits you with TeacherKit. 

Select the grading system that you want from Setting> Gradebook Configuration:

Then Open the Gradebook of any of your classes> tap on Configure Gradebook> The below dialog will be opened to you (first category is selected by default): 

  • It lists all the gradable items that are under the selected category.

  • Just tap on "+ New Gradable Item" to add a new gradable Item.

  • Turn on the Auto Distribution feature to have equal weights for all the gradable items

  • Tap on "Edit" to sort or delete your gradable items.

  • Tap on the gradable item itself in the edit mode to edit it (its name, max grade or weight).

  • Tap on the category name (the middle title in the topbar), to open the categories view.

  • It lists all the categories of your gradebook.

  • Just tap on "+ New Category" to add a new Category 

  • Tap on any categories to view all the gradable items that are under it.

  • Tap on "Edit" to sort or delete your categories.

  • Tap on the category itself in the edit mode to edit it (its name, grading system or weight).

Moreover, you can generate the total grade per category for each student

  • Open the gradebook.

  • Tap on the sum icon at the top of the screen.

  • Select the category you want.

In case you don't want give any category a weight, just leave it empty and it will be unweighted (will not impact the total).
You can have the total of weights more than 100% if you need that.
If you don't want to use the categories, just have one category with all the gradable items and give the category weight 100%.

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