Here are some notes to help you in recording grades in TeacherKit Gradebook:

  • All the grades are set by default to (-).

  • Once you tap on any grade cell, the grade keypad will appear.

  • The grade accepts decimal input if needed.

  • You can navigate through the other grades using the navigation cursors.

  • "Paint" icon can assign the same grade you entered of this gradable item to all students.

  • "Eraser" icon can reset your grade to (-) again.

  • If you want a grade for a specific student empty without adding it to the total, keep it empty (-).

  • As long as the grade is (-) it doesn't affect the total (as if it is not there).

  • Once you turn it to 0, it will be added to the total.

  • The total column is in percent which is calculated based on the weight of each category.

  • It also displays the Grade Level title (which can be configured from Settings).


  • You can check all the grades for each student personally from the Student Card.

  • You can also generate report for each student personally with her/his grades.

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