You can log student grades as you add gradable items and categories in the intuitive Gradebook.

Here are some basics you need to know about TeacherKit Gradebook:

  • In Gradebook you can have different categories (i.e. Assignments, Quizzes, or Term 1, Term 2, etc...)

  • In each category you can have as much gradable items as you want. (i.e. Assignment A, Assignment B, etc...)

  • The total grade of students is calculated based on the weight of each category.

  • The total of each category is also calculated based on the weight of each gradable item.

  • The total calculation mode of gradable items can be in Percent, Scale, or Point Based.

  • Since the grades are not entered yet, the total dismisses the columns. Once you enter grades, the total will calculate it.

Here is how the Gradebook looks:

Check here more info:

  1. How to configure the gradebook?

  2. How to record student grades?


  • For Premium use, there is no limit for adding as much categories as needed.

  • For Premium use, you can configure the 3 kinds of weight calculation (Percent, Scale and Point-Based)

  •  For Non-Premium (Free) use, only one category can be added.

  •  For Non-Premium (Free) use, you can configure the weight only with Percent.

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