We integrate directly with Stripe so you can quickly and easily sell your online courses. Your students/customers will never know Stripe exists. 

You can customize your Payment Pages and create as many Payment Pages as you like in your course(s). If you want to sell free courses, our payment pages become very simple on-boarding pages for your course(s).

We support multiple currency options that you can choose when creating a new payment page OR when editing any existing payment page. The currency options we currently offer are:

  • $ - US dollars
  • € - Euros
  • £ - Pound sterling
  • AU$ - Australian dollar
  • NZ$ - New Zealand dollar
  • C$ - Canadian dollar
  • DKK - Danish krone
  • SEK - Swedish Krona

Recommendation: Go through your payment page checkout process yourself before inviting customers to purchase

⚠️ When you go to make a real purchase of your payment page, make sure to use an email address that is NOT your Teachery account email address.

We cannot stress this recommendation enough! If you want to see the exact experience your customers will have, purchasing your own course will show you the steps they will go through.

Pro-tip: Use an Incognito Window (Google Chrome) or a Private Window (Safari) to view your payment page URL. This will ensure you aren't logged in to your Teachery account.

Don't forget to refund your purchase! You can do this in your Customer Profile via the Customers page. 👍👍


Watch the walk-through video of our payment pages:


Here are a couple existing payment page examples on Teachery:


Turning off Payment Page notification emails

Don't want to receive an email from Teachery every time someone signs up for your online course? We have a "Notifications" feature built right into every Payment Page. 

To turn off email notifications simply go into any Payment Page and click the "Notifications" button at the top, then flip the toggle to OFF. By default, we have notification emails turned on for you.

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