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Android: I am not receiving notifications when the tablet is locked and have to unlock the tablet to view new notifications
Android: I am not receiving notifications when the tablet is locked and have to unlock the tablet to view new notifications

I don't receive notifications in lock screen, my tablet does not wake up when a notification is received

Updated over a week ago

TeachKloud supports any tablet with access to the play store. You may have noticed that you do not receive notifications when your tablet is locked (i.e. when you receive a new notification the screen does not illuminate or wake up, to tell you that you have a new notification).

Important Notice

Please note that some tablets (such as Samsung A7 T500 tablets - as of 19th September, 2021) do not have the ability to wake up the screen (i.e. the screen wont light up on its own when you receive a notification) but they will be available after unlocking the tablet via the notification panel. Please also note that wifi/internet connection determines how quickly a notification is received.

Please see some possible solutions below:

Check Device Settings

  1. Using your tablet, select settings

  2. Find the TeachKloud app and ensure notifications and other permissions are turned on

  3. Go back to your tablets settings and find 'notifications'

  4. Ensure all notifications are turned on, including lock screen notifications and that power saving mode is off, as this can interfere with notifications

  5. Add a pin to unlock your device. If your tablet does not have a pin, it may be seen as automatically unlocked and you will not see notifications until you swipe up.

  6. If applicable, turn off 'Do not disturb' and/or 'Airplane Mode'

  7. Test to see if you can see notifications when the tablet is locked.

Contact the Manufacturer

  1. Contact the manufacturer (Samsung, Lenovo, Nokia etc) directly. They can often troubleshoot with you.

  2. They can also advise if your tablet has the 'wake up' screen functionality (i.e. the screen lights up when the screen is locked). Note: Some tablets like the Samsung A7 (T500), do not have this feature, and so, you will need to unlock the screen or touch the screen twice to wake up the tablet and view any new notifications.

Use a Free Third Party App

There are third party apps that may help to wake up the tablet or play a sound to let you know that you have a new notification. These apps, such as Glimpse Notifications, are not part of TeachKloud and so, you should contact the app developer directly, with any questions.

  1. Download the 'Glimpse Notification' app from the Android Play Store

  2. Follow the instructions on the Glimpse app, add a pin to unlock the tablet and test

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