Before you invite your company's employees to join Teamable, we recommend the following steps:

Login and Connect Your Networks.
Invite your recruiters into the tool as “Hiring Leaders” - follow the instructions here. Make sure your recruiters connect their networks. Teamable will then identify them as the recruiter on their selected roles.

Send List of Current Employees.
Send to a list of current employee names and emails to make sure they're exempted from search results.

Review Messaging Templates.
Come to a decision on what messaging templates you would like to use, both from recruiter to employee and from employee to candidate.

Review Referral Bonuses.
Make sure the referral bonus amounts for each role are correct. Teamable allows you to set one default amount if you wish (but you can manually override this amount under job settings for any role.

Review Job Owners.
Review the message preferences for each job. The job owner in your ATS will appear by default as the person to be CC'd on any employee initiated referral. You can easily manage this for any job by changing or adding others to be cc'd or bcc'd under Settings>Basic Information.

Dial in Your Searches.
Review the search strings attached to each role under Settings>Search Terms to make sure you're showing relevant candidates.

Launch Plans.
Review and solidify rollout plan and comms - you can find language here, including best practices. Your Customer Success Manager can help you.


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