Every Teamable account includes a leaderboard.

The leaderboard is a great way for each employee in your company to participate in the gamification of your referral based recruiting.

Many employees are hyper competitive and everyone likes to be seen at the top.

To access your company's leaderboard, log into your company's Teamable account and click on leaderboard or type the address:


Here is an example of a company leaderboard:

Figure One: The leaderboard.

  1. You will see yourself at the top and your rank will be indicated by the number next to your image.
  2. You will see your employees ranked from top to bottom.

What is the green circle and number next to my image?

That is your ranking on the leaderboard based on everyone at the company (e.g. if you're #1 that means you have the most points at the company). The idea is to encourage friendly interdepartmental competition--who doesn't want to be #1?

Figure Two: example of a top-ranking employee from a Teamable leaderboard.

For everyone in the company, you can see the following:

  • Info     
  • Networks     
  • Connections     
  • Top Talent       
  • Intro Requests
  • Resume upload    
  • Network Referrals     
  • Intros Delegated   
  • Intros Made 
  • Hires     
  • Points  

Descriptions of each follow:

Info - the name and email of the employee.

Networks  - icons for each network the employee has connected.

Connections - the total number of network connections in Teamable (from any of the Teamable sources, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, Gmail, Outlook, and Dribbble). More on connections here.

Top Talent - the total number of connections marked as top talent by that teammate. More on top talent here.

Intro Requests - the total number of pending requests from recruiters for that teammate.

Resume Upload - the total number of active candidate referrals made in Teamable by that teammate.

Network Referrals - the total number of referrals made by that teammate.  Employee initiated. Doesn’t include recruiter requested referrals.

Intros Delegated - the total number of candidate referral requests passed back to recruiter to message.

Intros Made - the total number of referrals messaged (where auto approval is on) or the total number of referrals that were approved by hiring leaders and sent out (in cases where 'recruiter approval required' is enabled).

Hired - the total number of Teamable referrals for that teammate hired by the company.

Points - the total number of points (all above, based on the weighting you assign below).

Figure Three: example of the default leaderboard.

How are Points Determined on the Leaderboard?
You can determine which of these columns to display in your leaderboard as well as in what order they're displayed. You can also determine the weight coefficient for each of the following values. The default weight is included for each column:

  • Info     0
  • Networks     20
  • Connections     0
  • Top Talent       2
  • Intro Requests   10
  • Resume upload    20
  • Network Referrals     30
  • Intros Delegated   10
  • Intros Made  30
  • Hires     100
  • Points   1

So points rolls up to count the weighted values of all of the other columns displayed.

So, as you can see, it's easy and fun to rack up referral points in Teamable!

Note: The Teamable leaderboard is dynamic for the employee doing activity--meaning that as they add connections, make referrals, mark top talent (or any of the other activities mentioned above), they will be able to click over to the leaderboard tab to see themselves work their way up to the top as points are added to their total.

For everyone else at the company, the leaderboard refreshes approximately once every 120 minutes.

What are the points good for?
Well, that's entirely up to you. There are companies using Teamable who hold quarterly drawings for big prizes and others who allow their employees to trade in their points for schwag from the company store.

Customizing your company's leaderboard
Note: you can now customize which columns appear in your leaderboard, in what order, and for what value co-efficient. If you are interested in changing your leaderboard from the default, described below, please contact customer success at cs@teamable.com.

For Further Reading: If you're interested in learning more about how to gamify your recruiting efforts, please see:

Gamification for Employee Referral Programs ( Teamable Success Portal Note)

Or contact Customer Success and let us know how we can partner with you on your program?

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