Teamable makes it easy for you to refer anyone from your social graph for an opening at your company by automatically suggesting the most qualified candidates, many of whom may not have been top of mind, for each opening.

Make sure you've connected your networks before you begin.

  1.  Click Refer>Open Jobs to get started.

Figure One: The Open Jobs page in Teamable.

2.  Click on any job to explore the suggested matches from your network. You can also search by name to find a specific contact to refer.

Tip: to start with, we recommend choosing one with similar qualifications to your own.

Figure Two: Reviewing matches for a specific job.

3.  Click 'Refer' to message anyone who is a strong match for the job.
4. Click 'Mark Top Talent' to passively submit them to the recruiting team to reach out about whatever job is most relevant.

Tip: Click on 'Notes' to @mention a recruiter and give guidance on how you know the prospect, best way to reach out, and whether they should refrain from mentioning your name.

Figure Three: Using the @mention in a note for a prospect.

That's it! Take a look at the other job openings and make more referrals.

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