Teamable integrates seamlessly with Greenhouse which helps get new referrals every time a new job opens and better convert the referrals into great teammates.

Enabling the Greenhouse integrations means you will get more hires with less work on your side and avoid potentially awkward situations with employees referring candidates that have already been rejected for example.

You will need to give us two API keys:

  1. Teamable partner key - enables us to automatically pull in your jobs and to auto entry referrals made through Teamable into Greenhouse.

  2. Harvest API key - enables us to check candidates in Teamable (aka people your employees know) against candidates in Greenhouse to ensure no one refers someone who is already in Greenhouse, to keep your team from having to flip back and forth, and to update the statuses automatically of referrals made through Teamable so employees can see their progress in the tracking page. Without this, a lot of the advanced sourcing automation that saves your team time won’t work.

Instructions for obtaining each below.

NOTE from Greenhouse if you don't see the Dev Center and cannot create a partner API key:

Users who need access to manage API credentials for your organization will need to be assigned access to do so. Users of any type (Basic, Interviewer, Job Admin, or Site Admin) can be assigned one or both of the following permissions:

  • Can manage Job Board related API Credentials

  • Can manage ALL organization's API Credentials

Users with Site Admin permissions who also have the advanced "Can edit another user's advanced permissions" permission will be able to assign these API management permissions to other users. Here are the steps:

  • Click Configure

  • Click Users

  • Either click the + New Users button to add a new user, or click on the name of an existing user to edit their permissions

  • Drop down Developer Permissions and put a check in the box next to either Can manage Job Board related API Credentials or Can manage ALL organization's API Credentials. The latter option includes access to both the Job Board API as well as the Harvest API.

  • Click Save


In the Greenhouse dashboard go to: Configure -> Dev Center -> API Credential Management.


Create the Teamable Partner Key by clicking 'Create New API Key' and Selecting Type: Partner. Choose Teamable as the client application and type Teamable in the description field.

Copy and paste the Teamable API key into a new email by clicking the copy button.


Next, copy the Harvest API if it already exists and paste it into the email.

If it doesn’t exist, again, hit 'Create New API Key' and choose Harvest API. Once created, copy into the email.

Once you have both API key strings, log in to Teamable with your Admin account.


Click ATS Configuration

Choose Greenhouse from ATS drop-down list

Enter your Partner Key

Enter your Harvest Key

Click Verify

Note: You might see an error message like this if your keys don’t have permissions to sync either Employees or Jobs from Greenhouse.

If your keys have the permissions, you will get this message. Click CONTINUE WITH CONFIGURATION.

Choose who you want to be your Default job Owner in Teamable. This is who owns the job in Teamable whenever the person who is the primary job owner in Greenhouse has not created a Teamable account.

Note: You might see an error message like this if the default owner you’ve selected is not signed up in Greenhouse.

Click SAVE.

Greenhouse configurations are now processing. You will receive an email when the Greenhouse integration is activated.

Note: for the Harvest API key, you will need to grant all of the following permissions in order for us to have bi-directional communication:

Activity Feed

  • GET: Retrieve Activity Feed


  • GET: Retrieve Application

  • GET: List Applications


  • DELETE: Delete Candidate

  • GET: Retrieve Candidate

  • GET: List Candidates

  • PATCH: Edit Candidate

  • POST: Add Candidate

  • POST: Add Note

  • POST: Add Attachment

  • POST: Add Application

  • POST: Add Prospect

  • PUT: Anonymize Candidate

  • PUT: Merge two candidates



  • GET: Retrieve Department

  • GET: List Departments


Job Posts

  • GET: List Job Posts

  • GET: Retrieve Job Post for Job

  • GET: List Job Posts for Job


Job Stages

  • GET: Retrieve Job Stage

  • GET: List Job Stages

  • GET: List Job Stages for Job



  •  GET: Retrieve Job

  •  GET: List Jobs



  • GET: List Application's Offers

  • GET: Retrieve Application's Current Offer

  • GET: Retrieve Offer

  • GET: List Offers



  • GET: Retrieve 

  • GET: List Offices


  •  GET: List Sources


  • DELETE: Remove tag from candidate

  • GET: List tags applied to candidate

  • GET: List Candidate Tags

  • PUT: Add a candidate tag


Tracking Links

  • GET: List Job Tracking Links


  • GET: Retrieve User

  • GET: List Users

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