Increase employee participation in referrals by assigning points for various activities to encourage friendly interdepartmental competition.


You now have the option of customizing your Teamable leaderboard.

What is the Leaderboard? It's the place where every teammate can see how they're doing in relation to everyone else in the company when it comes to helping make referrals.

More on the leaderboard here.

These are the columns that are available for your leaderboard:

  • Info     

  • Networks     

  • Connections     

  • Top Talent       

  • Intro Requests

  • Resume upload    

  • Network Referrals     

  • Intros Delegated   

  • Intros Made 

  • Hires     

  • Points  

Descriptions of each follow:

Info - the name and email of the employee.

Networks  - icons for each network the employee has connected.

Connections - the total number of network connections in Teamable (from any of the Teamable sources, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, Gmail, Outlook, and Dribbble). More on connections here.

Top Talent - the total number of connections marked as top talent by that teammate. More on top talent here.

Intro Requests - the total number of pending requests from recruiters for that teammate.

Resume Upload - the total number of active candidate referrals made in Teamable by that teammate.

Network Referrals - the total number of referrals made by that teammate.  Employee initiated. Doesn’t include recruiter requested referrals.

Intros Delegated - the total number of candidate referral requests passed back to recruiter to message.

Intros Made - the total number of referrals messaged (where auto approval is on) or the total number of referrals that were approved by hiring leaders and sent out (in cases where 'recruiter approval required' is enabled).

Hired - the total number of Teamable referrals for that teammate hired by the company.

Points - the total number of points (all above, based on the weighting you assign below).

Figure one: example of the default leaderboard.

You can determine which of these columns to display in your leaderboard as well as in what order they're displayed.

You can also determine the weight coefficient for each of the following values. The default weight is included for each column:

  • Networks - 20 points

  • Connections - 0 points

  • Top Talent - 2 points

  • Intro Requests - 10 points

  • Resume upload - 20 points

  • Network Referrals - 30 points

  • Intros Delegated - 10 points

  • Intros Made - 30 points

  • Hires - 100 points


To customize your leaderboard, download this .csv or send the request to with your preferred weighting.

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