Why Should I Set Up a Profile

  • Your profile page tells other users who you are. 
  • This is essential information when a buyer is making a hiring decision and can set you apart as the clear choice. Your profile information will be viewable directly next to and below your job card posting. See example below.
  • Keep in mind your profile is only viewable once you have an approved job card. 

Profile Info on Job Card

The job card below contains profile image information to help the buyer make the right hiring decisions. Thus, your profile information is important!

Where Do I Go

  • Log-in to Teamed
  • Navigate to the top right-hand, drop-down menu 
  • Select Profile and then select Edit Profile

What Information Should I Provide

  • Complete the fields in all 5 tabs to ensure buyers are fully informed of your skills and experiences. 

Where Can I Review My Public Profile

  • Navigate to the top right-hand drop-down menu and select Profile > Public Profile
  • Ensure the information you have provided in your profile is what you would like to share on Teamed. 

Example of Public Profile

What Should I Do Next?

After your profile is complete. It's time to set up your job card. Click here for directions. 

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