What is a Job Card

  • It is a card that describes your service offering and expertise.
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Where Do I Go To Create A Job Card

  • Navigate to the top right-hand drop-down menu
  • Select Seller Menu
  • On this page, select Post New Job Card

How Many Job Cards Should I Have? 

Create a job card for each specific skill / service you offer. 

Review the categories on Teamed to determine which categories you would like to create job cards for. If you don't see a category that fits your skills, email us at support@teamedforlearning.com or create your job card and we'll help you find the right place for it.

How to Write a Job Description

Job descriptions should be concise and informative. We've found the following formula to be most effective for creating easy to understand service offerings. 

  1. Grab attention - pose a question or share an interesting tid bit to gain the readers attention
  2. Build your credibility - describe your level of experience, types of experiences, and areas of speciality
  3. Describe your services - list and briefly describing each task you can perform

Sample Job Description

More Pro Tips for Job Card Success!

  • Title - ensure your title is succinct and clear 
  • Pricing - pricing can vary greatly from one project to another. It is often best to input your desired rate and caveat the rate by stating in the job description that the actual rate is dependent on the actual work. You will always have an opportunity to discuss the project details, your availability, and rate before committing.
  • Keywords - identify important words from your job description and use these as your keyword tags. Keywords help buyers find you via search.
  • Job Images - always include an image for your job. The most effective images are pictures of your work. At a minimum, use a high-resolution stock image that relates to your service.
  • Videos - you'll get lots of attention with videos! One of the best things you can do is create a short video introducing yourself and sharing a little bit about your area(s) of expertise. You can also link a video sample of your work. 
  • Max Days to Deliver - be very careful with this selection. This is a count down timer that begins when a buyer purchases your services. You'll want to make sure it is set to TBD or set a long enough time period for you to be able to deliver the services.

What Happens Next?

  1. Teamed will review your card and provide feedback. Click here for directions on how to review feedback and update your job card. 
  2. You'll receive an email and link when the job card has feedback or has been published.
  3. Now buyers will be able to find you directly on Teamed. Additionally, when we receive staffing requests, we always review job cards first. It is our responsibility to match teammates with job cards to new opportunities when ever possible.

Need Help?

Reach out at any time via chat or email us at support@teamedforlearning.com. We'd be more than happy to answer any questions or schedule a brief video consultation to help you get started and maximize your postings.

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