What are Portfolios?

Portfolios are a campaign organization and budget management tool provided by Amazon. It works by allowing you to group together campaigns by product category, seasonality, brand, etc. 

What does it look like in Seller Central?

Portfolios can be enabled within Campaign Manager in Seller Central.

What are the benefits of using Portfolios?

Portfolios allow you to manage multiple campaigns by:

  • Controlling and capping budgets for a group of campaigns. You can easily distribute your marketing budget across your catalog of brands.

  • Letting you analyze performance for groups of campaigns. Consider grouping campaigns by objective, product type and brand.

How does Flywheel work with Portfolios?

Implementing Portfolios does not impact Flywheel Keyword Action or bidding functionality! Keep in mind, your campaigns might stop running once you exhaust your portfolio budget and you will need to monitor that directly in Seller Central.

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