What is the new automatic targeting type feature?

This allows you to change how you match for searches in automatic campaign. You can pick one or more targeting types for each ad group.

What are the match types?

Read below for definitions and examples for a seller who sells "plastic cups"

  • Close match (search terms closely related to products). Eg: “biodegradable plastic cups”

  • Complements (view detail pages of products that complement your products). Eg: someone viewed a page for plastic spoons

  • Loose match (search terms loosely related to products). Eg: “cups ceramic”

  • Substitutes (view detail pages of products that are similar to your products). Eg: someone viewed Solo Cups

How do new automatic targeting types work with Flywheel?

Flywheel supports bid changes for the new targeting types! The most important step is to make sure you set the right default bid for each targeting type. Please review any campaigns that use this targeting type and set the right default bids to get the best results from our automation.

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