How do you create a PAT ad campaign in Seller Central?

PAT Campaigns are manual campaigns.  Rather than targeting keywords you set up the campaigns to target ASINs and/or categories.  Create your sponsored product campaign as you normally would by adding the products you want to advertise. 

Within the Targeting section, choose "Product Targeting".  

Amazon will give you suggestions for both 'category' and 'individual products' to target based on the products within your campaign

Create a Campaign with which to use PAT and create one Ad Group for each kind of PAT  (ASINs vs. Category). 

Targeting Categories 

  1. Select the ‘Categories’ tab of the ‘Product Targeting’ modal. 

  2. Choose a basket of categories that relate to the items in that Ad Group. 

  3. For each one, click the ‘Refine’ option and further target to a particular brand, price range or star rating. 

Keep an eye on the ‘Products Targeted’ count below to make sure you’re not going too narrow or too broad!

Targeting ASINs

  1. For ASIN Targeting, select the ‘Individual Products’ tab of the ‘Product Targeting’ modal. 

  2. Now either enter a list of ASINs from the Search Term Report (Auto Campaigns often generate these), or use the ones suggested by Amazon, or search for specific ones yourself.

💁‍♂️ Expert Tip: While you can have multiple types of Ad Groups in a Campaign, we recommend keeping category, product, and keyword targeting separated into their own campaigns for better control and reporting.

How do I read a Search Term report with PAT?

There is a new column in the Search Term Report called ‘Targeting’ which will tell you which ASIN, Brand, etc. you’ve targeted. However under ‘Search Term’ you will only see the ASIN that was targeted, never the search term the shopper entered. This means that PAT is not a great way to find new keywords.

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