Product type and margins are crucial to having the right campaign structure. And poor campaign structure can lead to poor performance. We have made it easy to see what products are being advertised in a particular campaign on the product tab within Campaign Details--get there from the Campaigns page.

You can see metrics for particular products, as well as review the status of the SKU.

Understanding this page:

  1. Status: Check the status of this product's ad within the campaign. "Enabled" means the ad is actively running in this campaign.

  2. List price: Current list price of this product, excluding promotions, coupons and discounts

  3. Est. pre-ad GM%: Your margin before accounting for ad spend

  4. Cost of Goods Sold: The entered cost of products. To edit this amount, please check out the Product Settings page. Learn more about calculation your COGS here

  5. Associated Campaigns: All the campaigns this product is currently being advertised in

For more detailed performance metrics for your products, please check out the Product Metrics page.

How to use this page:

  1. Review what products are being advertised in a particular campaign

  2. See what products might have pre-ad gross margins that are much higher or lower than the others. Learn more about gross margin range alerts here

  3. Hop into Seller Central to pause ads for particular products or set up new campaigns. Learn more about campaign structure best practices here

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