Flywheel's suggested ad groups feature easily lets you add a new keyword recommendation to the right ad group--in both your automatic and manual campaigns. It takes the guesswork out of what ad group is best for your newly created keyword--saving time and avoiding confusion!

How does the feature work?

Ad groups are suggested based on the following criteria:

  • Product overlap between one ad group and another- first we look for the ad group that has the most similar products. Campaigns set up with a Basic or Audience structure work best.

  • Campaign and ad group naming conventions overlapping between one ad group and another- Campaigns and ad groups that share the same name with further specification for campaign type help us easily route recommendations.

    • Ex. Campaign A Auto and Campaign A Manual

For best results, make sure you have mirrored campaign structure and a corresponding manual campaign for every automatic. Your automatic and manual campaigns should consist of the same ad groups and same products within those ad groups. Click here to learn more about campaign structure best practices.

Why don't I see suggestions?

While uncommon, there are a couple of reasons you might not see "suggested ad groups"

  1. Lack of manual campaigns. If you are not currently running manual campaigns, we will not offer ad group suggestions. We recommend creating a complimentary manual campaign for every automatic.

  2. Incorrect or incomplete campaign structure. If there is no product overlap or inconsistent naming conventions between automatic, you might not see any suggestions. 

Click here to learn more about finding and adding new keywords with Flywheel.

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