What is Total Sales?

This is your total revenue generated over a given time period. It includes both organic and paid (advertising) sales.

When does an order count towards Total Sales?

Attribution is based on the original order date. These values are subject to  change, e.g. if an order becomes cancelled or otherwise adjusted at a later date.

Orders and items marked "cancelled" are excluded.

What is the time range for calculations?

A day is calculated from midnight to 11:59:59pm in Pacific Time for all marketplaces.

What is excluded from this calculation?

Expenses, fees, taxes, etc., are all ignored when calculating this value; it is revenue only. The total sales value includes all fulfillment types (FBM and FBA) for orders sold on Amazon.

Are you seeing a situation where total sales are lower than ad sales for a product?

Learn more about Amazon's Attribution Model to discover why.

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