Campaign Performance Page: Syncs daily (every 24 hours)

Any changes made to your campaigns in Seller/Vendor Central will be reflected in the product within 24 hours. This includes any changes made to campaigns and SKU status (paused, enabled, archived).

Newly created campaigns will appear in the product within 24 hours.  If you need this information to be reflected sooner, please request a campaign data sync to our support team using expert chat.  

Keyword Action Pages: Syncs every 7 days 

Keep an eye out for the ‘Weekly Performance Email’, this indicates that your weekly keyword action sync has completed and populated in the product. 

At the top of the keyword action page, you will see the date of your last completed sync. If you would prefer to have your keyword actions sync on a different day, submit your request to our support team through our expert chat. 

If you've recently made changes to your campaigns, these changes will be applied to the keyword action pages at the next sync.  

Product Metrics Page: Syncs daily (every 24 hours)

Product Metrics data is pulled in from various reports and our updates on a daily basis.  The majority of the product data is pulled from the ‘orders report’.  

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