Product Tour

Get to know SP Optimizer by taking this short tour. We have designed our product to make your life as easy as possible and, once you have established a workflow, you could  find yourself spending about 30 minutes (or less!) each week to manage your campaigns. Think of what you could do with all that extra time!

Let's walk through the different pages briefly--but we will dive deeper into them in upcoming sections.


The first page you will encounter when you log into SP Optimizer is the dashboard. This page gives you an overview of your account including historical performance, ad spend, ad revenue, wasted ad spend, and ACoS over a given time period. By default, we display data over the past 60 days.

You can also click in to review recent bid changes and your list of Top Converting Keywords.

From the dashboard, you can navigate to:

Keyword Actions: On this page, you can take action on negative keywords, move keywords from auto to manual and refine match types

Change History: On this page, you can review the history of keyword actions taken and bid changes made by the software

Campaign Performance: On this page, you can set ACoS Targets and review performance at the campaign-level

Don't worry--we will go more in-depth into these pages and show you exactly how to use them later in the guide!

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