You can use tell Charlie in the language that you prefer and you can also set the default language for your guests to match the most common language that they speak. Guests have the option of changing their language settings at any time. 

Supported languages

tell Charlie is currently available is English, Spanish, Dutch and German. We are continuing to add more languages and would love to hear from you if there is a particular language that you would like to use. Email us or start a conversation by clicking the click icon in the bottom-right of the screen.

Changing the accommodation language

The language option for the tell Charlie interface is on the Hotel information page in the Settings menu. 

Changing the default guest language can be done on the Guest messages page.

How guests can change the language

Emails from tell Charlie provide guests with the different language options. Guests can simply click on the language they want to use at the top of the email.

Managing the language gap

The language settings change how tell Charlie appears but it doesn't translate the messages that you write to guests. You might set the default guest language to English and have a German guest who only speaks German. In that case, the automated messages from tell Charlie will be sent to them in German.

You can see which language a guest is using tell Charlie with by clicking on their conversation in the inbox and looking in the top-right.

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